​​​​​​PIPOLI (2023 - now)
Are they aliens? Are they something more? Living in a past but present future, 
they attempt to mimic society. We only know them by Pipoli
These are mini comics starring these lil creachurs that have infected my illustrations
for the past few years in various, precarious situations.
Pipoli: I Funked it Up! is a 19 page comic about a cheatin' pipoli 
trying to get their girl back with a magical music tape.
It can be read in Lucky Pocket Press's Knapsack Magazine.
Pipoli: I Don't Wanna Say Good Night is 24 page comic about a 
pipoli experiencing night terrors trying to stay awake.
The first eight pages can be read below and in Issue 4 of Electric Squeak.​​​​​